SSIC provides subject matter experts to provide support Industry and individuals providing customers with the assurance that their privacy and confidentiality will be protected at all times.   Our expert Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) technicians, using the advanced up to date technology, are certified, qualified and trained to detect, neutralize and/or exploit a wide variety of hostile penetration technologies, devices and hazards used to obtain unauthorized access to confidential conversations and communications.

Our program offers the following search parameters and technologies as well as threat neutralization if requested.   

With each sweep the team performs the following:


1.Telephone Instrument Analysis 

The Telephone instruments will be tested for devices and modifications that would allow the interception of room audio and telephone conversation. Electronic analysis will be performed using test equipment capable of activation and detection of active hook switch bypass devices. Telephone instruments will be inspected for possible devices, wiring modifications and other compromising conditions.


2.Telephone Line Analysis 

The telephone lines will be electronically tested for devices and wiring modifications that would allow the interception of room audio and telephone conversations. Telephone line analysis with a Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) will also be performed to reveal the location of all wire irregularities, including splice points and junction blocks. Each of these locations will be physically inspected to reveal possible devices and wiring modifications including attacks which may be electronically detectable.


3.Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Analyses 

An analysis of the RF spectrum in the areas surveyed covering a frequency range of 3 KHz to 2 GHz (approximate) will be performed. These analyses will be conducted with one or more spectrum analyzers or countermeasures search receiver with a spectrum type display to detect all types of RF transmissions. The source of each signal will be resolved by determining that the signal is not emanating from the areas surveyed. 


4.Non-Linear Junction Detection (NLJD) Analyses 

These areas inspected will be analyzed with a NLJD to detect all hidden clandestine devices including tape recorders, microwave transmitters, remote controlled transmitters, infrared or ultrasonic devices, etc


5.Video interception Analysis

A scan of the inspection area for covert video sources/devices.


6.Physical Inspection 

A thorough physical inspection will be performed in the areas of concern for clandestine devices. All outlets, boxes, light fixtures and other containers and cavities will be inspected to determine validity of installation, detect concealed objects and capability of concealing objects. We will open, examine and test (when appropriate) all items, equipment, fixture artifacts to detect concealed objects or concealment capability. Particular attention to walls which are adjacent to other areas will also be given during the physical inspection. 


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