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Safeguarding critical infrastructure, commercial organizations and

citizens from internal and foreign terrorism by providing the

foremost experts and equipment in the security field.

§Detection and prevention are the highest priority in the war against terrorism
Processing information from military, federal, state and
international sources into actionable knowledge is paramount
 to deterring future disasters
§Reliable data collection methods provide government and business leaders
  the ability to make critical security decisions

SSI achieves organizational goals by providing Critical
 Infrastructure, On-Site Technical Security, Site Surveys,
 Risk and Vulnerability Analysis and Performance Testing

SSI is trusted by the US government to provide physical
 and electronic security solutions for many of the nation’s
 highest security areas

§Once potential vulnerabilities are identified, SSI deploys a multi-tiered
  approach to providing integrated security systems

Advanced technology in concert with SSI airborne,
 maritime and land based surveillance assets fills the gap left
 by federal law enforcement and military organizations


Sabre/Sentinel International
321 N Central Expy
Suite 204
McKinney, TX 75070

Phone:  972 529-8168

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