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Effective Operations Model:


Current and future threats to National and International Security require innovative solutions to difficult questions. The high operations tempo of the Military and Federal Law Enforcement has strained Personnel, Equipment and Budgets.


Sabre/Sentinel International (SSI) offers  effective alternatives to military and government agencies. Formed by team members of; civilian, military, Intelligence backgrounds from high caliber organizations and numerous subject experts, SSI is committed to being a premier Security Solution.


SSI personnel are highly experienced civilian and military operators from the US Military, FEMA, US Secret Service and other Federal and Regional Law Enforcement Organizations. The corporate knowledge shared by SSI’s operators’ offers commercial and government organizations a seamless transfer of security responsibility.

Threat Neutralizing & Mitigation

Recent events have highlighted a weakness in protecting our critical infrastructure and as such our businesses and even our families.


Taking weapons and destructive tools out of the hands of those with nefarious intentions is always the goal but in reality a unattainable goal.  SSI can assist with threat assessment as a mitigation tool as well as offer executive protective services. 


SSI has been protecting Government, Federal Law Enforcement and Department of Defense facilities for years against potential terrorist and armed threats.  Our defense protocols are easily tailored to commercial entities.  The integration of access control technologies, ballistic protections and industry leading security protocols will eliminate the potential of the threat gaining access to business facilities, schools and homes.


The Return on Investment is high considering the amount of protection afforded vs. loss of business, reputation and life.  Please contact us to determine what SSI can do to give you the piece of mind knowing you are secure.


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About Us

Learn more about Sabre/Sentinel International's origins and our expert operation officers.  Our staff has decades of military and federal experience, vetted at the highest levels.  SSI guarentees the utmost professionalism and discretion.


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